Bride walks down the aisle with onion bouquet


Bride walks down the aisle with onion bouquet

PHILIPPINES: Onions in the Philippines are really expensive — 457 percent above the global average to be exact.

With the staple good now an unexpectedly pricey commodity, onions are being treated as a luxury of sorts, to the point that this bride from Iloilo City chose to walk down the aisle with an onion bouquet instead of the usual flowers.

April Lyka Biorrey went viral for her unusual wedding bouquet choice, which extended to the rest of her entourage as her bridesmaids also walked down the aisle holding onion wreaths.

The bride’s reason for choosing onions instead of flowers isn’t a result of some bizarre trendjacking; she did it for practical purposes.

“Initially we were going to stick to the original tradition of flowers for the entourage. But while I was browsing through social media, I saw a bouquet of onions with a touch of flowers,” Biorrey told Iloilo Metropolitan Times.

“I consulted my groom if we could use onions instead of flowers instead, since after the wedding the flowers would wilt and would just end up being thrown away. So why not onions instead? It’s practical in a way that it could still be used after the wedding,” she reasoned.

“Whoever catches the bride’s bouquet is one lucky individual,” one commenter joked.

“Such a luxurious choice for a luxurious wedding,” another jabbed, poking fun at the prices of onions.

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