Climate guilt: Media promotes idea of having few to zero children to parents


Climate guilt: Media promotes  idea of having few to zero children to parents

Several media outlets and talking heads have encouraged parents to rethink having children because human beings — even small ones like kids — risk polluting the world and causing global climate destruction.

News and op-ed headlines have come out in unabashed support of having few or even zero children over the years. One example is from NBC News Think in 2017: "Science proves kids are bad for the earth. Morality suggests we stop having them." Another headline from the Guardian that year declared that the answer to saving the planet was simple: "Want to save the planet? Have fewer children." Or as one New York Times writer asked in 2021: "To Breed or Not to Breed?"

A climate reporter posed a similar question to parents and parents-in-waiting in a Washington Post analysis piece this month: "Should you not have kids because of climate change? It’s complicated."

In that analysis piece, the story of a mother who "couldn't shake the feeling that giving birth might be bad for the earth" was used to make people feel bad about having children. So, she and her husband "decided that having a single child would satisfy their needs without putting too much stress on a world that was already too hot."

Earlier this month, ABC's "Good Morning America" interviewed meteorologist Ginger Zee on "whether or not to have children at all." Zee said the issue was a personal one for her, recounting a tense encounter with her sister over her decision to have a second child.

"When I was pregnant with my second child, [my sister] said in disappointment, ‘I didn’t think you were gonna do that again for the planet.’ She thought I would adopt," Zee said.

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