Florida health care workers fired and arrested after filming themselves abusing a screaming dementia patient and calling her 'embarrassing' on Instagram livestream


Florida health care workers fired and arrested after filming themselves abusing a screaming dementia patient and calling her 'embarrassing' on Instagram livestream

A pair of senior-care nurse aides are currently facing felony charges - for filming themselves mistreating a dementia-stricken patient for followers on social media.

The disturbing video shows Shy'Tiona Bishop, 20, and 18-year-old Jada Harris, terrorizing the female senior at an assisted living center in Northeastern Florida, laughing and mocking her throughout.

The footage was livestreamed on one of the staffers' Instagram accounts on April 3, and was subsequently aired during a press conference presided over by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office Monday.

The unnamed senior - since confirmed to be a dementia patient at the Melbourne facility - can be heard screaming as the pair repeatedly joke and laugh at the camera and ignore the woman's cries.

At one point, the staffers purposely block the woman from entering her bathroom, and begrudgingly help her put on a pair of pants while complaining about being forced to look after the senior. Both women have since been fired.

I'm sorry, yeah. She is embarrassing,' Harris can be heard saying in the clip, which Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey slammed as 'disgusting' Monday after announcing the charges against the duo, who have since been relieved from their posts at the old folks home.

Chiding the women for their behavior, Ivey also decried the state for setting both of the suspects' bond at $6,000 or less, with Bishop's only set at $4,000 despite the range of offenses.

The meeting saw the sheriff unveil the elderly abuse case for the first time, after receiving a tip from someone working at the facility, identified Monday as Market Street Viera in Melbourne, about the April 3 livestream and a week of investigations.

'I'm disgusted,' Ivey said during the meeting, which was also livestreamed.

'The perpetrators in this case are not only disgusting but they are vile individuals who live-streamed themselves abusing one of our elderly citizens who suffers from dementia.'

He continued 'Abusing an elderly person or abusing anyone is disgusting enough, but to make matters even worse, they livestreamed the abuse.

'They actually put it up on a livestream platform so that their friends could watch it, laugh about it as they mocked this elderly person in her condition.'

The ensuing snippets laid bare the aforementioned behavior, and showed how followers of Harris's account laughed along with the retirement home aides as they abused their elderly mark.

'Not only did their friends laugh, they actually made comments back and forth about how she should be dealt with and be put in a closet,' Ivey reiterated.

The sheriff further revealed the initial tip pointing to the livestream - which was still up at the time - came from a staff member at Market Street Memory who noticed the elderly woman seemed to be distressed the day after the video was filmed.

Officials added the patient had been living at the facility since August 2022, and praised the facility for correctly contacting law enforcement as soon as they became wise to the footage, and firing the two employees immediately after.

Ivey, however, would go on to criticize Florida lawmakers for hitting the duo with relatively relaxed bonds given the extent of their offenses.

'Sadly the bond is only $6,000 for Jada and $4,000 for Shy,' Ivey said, visibly exasperated. 'Please know, a lot of times we’ll get about the bonds too low and I agree, it is truly too low.'

He added: 'Unfortunately, the state sets the bond limits when they’re first arrested. They don’t let us do it because I can tell you if they let me do it, the bond would be when hell freezes over when these two get out.'

According to local lockup records, both women remain incarcerated, and have not yet made bail. They were seen being led away by cops from the retirement facility over the weekend, which bills itself as a 'luxury elderly care facility.'

The facility said in a statement after the pair's arrest Sunday: 'We are shocked and horrified to learn of this incident of elder abuse at the hands of two individuals who were trusted to provide care for a vulnerable resident of our facility.'

'We take this situation very seriously and took immediate action to terminate the two individuals involved in this incident. The behavior depicted in the video footage live streamed by these two people is abhorrent and will not be tolerated."

Staffers went on to insist that the two axes employees' actions had gone unseen until the livestream, and goes against the facility's standards.

'Our mission is to welcome, care, and serve our elders. Our facility should stand as a beacon of quality senior living, where a sense of family is created by servant leaders. What occurred in this incident goes against our facility standards in every possible way,' the retirement home's statement, adding the victim had no injuries.

'We are grateful to report that the victim did not suffer any physical injuries, and is being provided with every comfort and care.'

The facility said they are currently working with the victim and her family, and are still cooperating with local law enforcement.

Source: DailyMail

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