Family Compares the Cheapest and Most Expensive Meals in Disney World, Orlando, Florida


Family Compares the Cheapest and Most Expensive Meals in Disney World, Orlando, Florida

In this travel review, the "Free Gang" family takes on the challenge of comparing the cheapest and most expensive meals available in Disney World. They usually bring their own packed lunches to save money, but today they venture into the park to explore what’s on the menu and whether the splurge is worth it.

Cheapest Meal: Quick Service Options
Pinocchio Village Haus
The family's first stop is Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland. Opting for a vegan pizza, they find it a decent meal, though it lacks any sides or drinks. Priced at $13.62, it represents the average cost for a quick service meal at Disney. The pizza is satisfactory, but the lack of variety makes it a simple choice.

Starlight Cafe
Next, they visit the Starlight Cafe and try the patty melt, essentially a burger made with Texas toast instead of a bun. This meal also costs $13.62 and includes fries. The family enjoys the taste, though they note the garlic bread doesn't have a strong garlic flavor. Wrapped in foil, the patty melt stays warm but can become a bit soft.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
For their final quick service meal, they head to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. They choose a veggie bowl, which at $11.17 is the cheapest option so far. The bowl includes rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa, making it a healthier and more filling choice compared to the previous meals. Despite its simplicity, the veggie bowl is tasty and satisfying.

The family’s dessert quest begins with a plan to try a plant-based ice cream cookie from a sit-down restaurant, but they find it fully booked. Instead, they opt for a double scoop of ice cream for $15.53 and a frappuccino for $6.91. The large scoops of ice cream are a hit, providing a sweet ending to their quick service meal exploration.

Expensive Meal: Character Dining Experience
Garden Grill Restaurant at Epcot
The next day, the family visits Epcot for a character dining experience at the Garden Grill Restaurant. This rotating restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat plant-based menu and features visits from beloved Disney characters. They enjoy dishes such as smoked sausage, plant-based pulled pork, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and desserts including apple crumble and chocolate mousse.

Cost and Experience
The total cost for this character dining experience is $237.42, including a 20% tip. Without the tip, the meal costs $200. The family appreciates the quality and variety of the food, as well as the unique experience of interacting with Disney characters. They note that the restaurant's produce is locally grown, adding to the appeal.

Reflecting on their dining adventure, the Free Gang family concludes that while the cheaper meals at Disney are still pricey, they offer decent value for money. Bringing packed lunches and splurging on a special meal like the character dining experience once during the trip is a good strategy. The character dining is particularly memorable and enjoyable, making it worth the expense for a unique and magical experience.

Photo: Family Freedom

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