Introducing Uncursed’s In-app Fitness Care Services - UFitness


Introducing Uncursed’s In-app Fitness Care Services -  UFitness

With Uncursed’s UFitness Platform, you can get the proper fitness care that meets your fitness goals without compromising on faith, you can work with Ucare fitness coaches and instructors.

Bodily exercise with godliness brings much profit; Whatever your fitness craft is; running, jumping, dancing, feeding right - fitness can take you far and bring your body to attaining the height the Lord has called you to reach.

Fitness is part of God’s plan for us, as He makes our bodies His temple. At UFitness, we believe worship is a lifestyle and fitness. The Uncursed UFitness services connect clients with experienced fitness providers to help them meet their fitness goals from general fitness to personal training, cardio, exercise, workout, meal planning, and more.

Book a Virtual Fitness appointment
Working with a fitness coach is easy; there are two ways to book a fitness coach on Uncursed: Uncursed allows you to schedule an Urgent fitness appointment to get services when you need them right away. When you select the urgent fitness appointment, you’ll find a list of fitness coaches available to serve you now; Select one who is “available” to get service.

Schedule an Appointment Ahead
You can schedule an appointment ahead of time for an advanced date. When you choose this option, you’ll tap on the “left” arrow beside your desired fitness provider, select dates available on their calendar, fill out the intake form, and make a payment from your wallet to be confirmed for that appointment.

Send Secure Messages
Once your appointment is booked, you can send secured messages to your chosen providers to prepare for your appointment

Coaching Plans
Some instructors may offer additional Video lessons as part of your fitness care, in their Private communities on Uncursed Learning

Tips for finding your best match
Each of our UFitness Care Providers is an experienced fitness professional; feel free to explore and learn more about their Uncursed Media Feeds to learn about their fitness specialties, styles and expertise before booking an appointment.

For Help resources;

UFitness customer service is available from 10 AM EST to 8 PM EST via email

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