The testimony of recovery and remarriage after divorce


The testimony of recovery and remarriage after divorce

Jenny's story teaches that real love is beyond an engagement ring, wedding events, and facade. Everyone deserves a love that is pure, unconditional, and one that allows you to be yourself. When engagement goes wrong - engaged to the wrong person - it is normal for people to initially dismiss their worries, but this leads to compromising joy for the facade. Jenny's story is one of assertiveness, from saying 'no' to an engagement in which she saw no light and accepting God's healing through her divorce.

In the seasons following her divorce, Jenny focused on healing and rediscovering herself. She surrounded herself with supportive friends and counselors, who uplifted her and reminded her of her inherent strength. Slowly but surely, her vibrant spirit returned, and she began to thrive in the newfound freedom she had embraced.

Jenny Alexander is a 3-time author who has found God's healing after a divorce and believes recovery is possible. Now Jenny is encouraging others passing through difficult life seasons and relationships;

"I write about divorce recovery because I've been there. I attest that God healed me and bound my wounds. If He can do it for me, He can do it for you"

"Despite your best efforts to be a good friend, do you wonder who your true companions are?"

Jenny is a 3-time author, and she talks about relationships, healing, life after divorce, and everything in between .

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