Wedding Couple's Controversial Rules Spark Online Debate


Wedding Couple's Controversial Rules Spark Online Debate

A couple recently received backlash for their wedding rules, which some deemed outrageous. The list, leaked by a disgruntled guest, included 15 mandates.

Among them: guests were reminded that it was the couple's big day, not theirs, and were instructed not to obstruct the photographer.

Additionally, attendees were asked to dress in black and gold attire and refrain from offering unsolicited opinions if they hadn't financially contributed to the wedding.

The couple also advised moderation in alcohol consumption while encouraging guests to enjoy themselves.

They requested the use of a designated hashtag for social media posts and suggested guests remain standing throughout the event. The list concluded with the directive to "Turn ALLLL the way up!"

While some Redditors criticized the couple's approach, others felt the rules were reasonable but poorly communicated. They suggested that the couple might have been accustomed to a crowd that needed clear and direct instructions.

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