Baby Ingested Fentanyl While Playing in Park


Baby Ingested Fentanyl While Playing in Park

Matkovic is a tech executive residing in San Francisco, CA. He says that his son stopped breathing and his nanny called him from the park. The baby was given Narcan by paramedics, and then he was taken to the hospital where he was watched for six hours. San Francisco firefighters revived a 10-month-old baby poisoned by fentanyl in Moscone Park on Tuesday.

“Our baby went to the ER today (11/29/22) and barely survived,” wrote the baby’s father, Ivan Matkovic, on Next Door, “because he found and ingested fentanyl while playing at Moscone Park (it’s the one next to Marina middle school).”

Neither the baby's father nor the police know how the drug, which is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin, got into the baby's system. But about 150 yards from where the poisoning happened, I found a homeless drug scene in the baseball dugout and bleachers.

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