Georgia couple who lost custody of their five kids after cops found a gun and marijuana in their car battle to retrieve children, including a four-month-old


Georgia couple who lost custody of their five kids after cops found a gun and marijuana in their car  battle to retrieve  children, including a four-month-old

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Deonte Williams and Bianca Clayborne were passing through Tennessee on February 17 when they were pulled over for their dark tinted windows and 'traveling in the left lane while not actively passing,' a citation obtained by the Tennessee Lookout reads.

The couple was traveling on Interstate 24 to a funeral in Chicago when an officer stopped them and decided to check their car. Williams was arrested when officers uncovered a firearm and marijuana of up to five grams.

Clayborne and her children were free to leave but it wasn't until six hours later as she waited for Williams to be released from custody that police approached her with an emergency court order and took her newborn baby away from her along with her two, three, five and seven-year-old.

One month later, Clayborne and Williams are still trying to get their kids back but have been delayed due to multiple drug tests that revealed the couple was positive for either marijuana, oxycodone methamphetamines and fentanyl.

Clayborne said she was approached by three child service agents in her parked Dodge outside of the Coffee County Criminal Justice Center while waiting for Williams to be bonded out for his misdemeanor for possessing marijuana.

While Clayborne was breastfeeding her now-four-month-old, one worker hopped into the car and said, 'I’m taking your kids,' according to the Tennessee Lookout.

'The mother became very defiant and locked herself and the children in the vehicle,' court records obtained by the news outlet read.

Despite Clayborne insisting she didn't plan on fleeing, an officer put spike strips in front of her car to avoid her from leaving.

The agents then left Clayborne alone until six hours later when she went outside to wait for Williams on a bench.

That is when Clayborne's five children were taken away from her.

'My baby started crying so I reached for my son, and as I’m reaching, a man held me and told me, "don’t touch him. He’s getting taken away from you,"' Clayborne told the news outlet.

Child services files obtained by the news outlet alleged some of the five children call Williams 'the weed man.'

They even 'showed (a caseworker) how to roll a joint and stated that the parents take them with them to sell the weed,' a file from February 23 reads.

Around the same time when the couple appeared in front of the Coffee County juvenile judge for their first court hearing, they were ordered to provide a urine drug test, according to the news outlet.

Williams tested positive for marijuana while Clayborne's results were negative. The two then were ordered to retest but this time by providing a sample of a hair strand.

Both Williams and Clayborne's results came back positive for several drugs. The two denied taking drugs and their argument was supported by Nashville testing expert Greg Bowen, who called the tests unreliable and known to generate 'too many false' positives, he said, according to the news outlet.

'As a result of the drug screens, the children should be deemed to be severely abused,' the department of child services wrote in a February 23 report, the news outlet reported.

Williams denied having weed around his kids, but 5 grams of marijuana was obtained during Williams' initial arrest.

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Story source: Dailymail

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