High school counselor invited witches who gave students crystals loses her job


High school counselor invited witches who gave students crystals loses her job

PITTSBURGH : A coven of self-proclaimed witches and crystals with alleged special powers caused a local Catholic high school counselor to lose her job, according to reports.

Elemental Magick in Sewickley is run by women who identify as witches. Nonetheless, they were invited to speak at a local Catholic high school, sparking a debate between Catholic and pagan beliefs.

The three women claim to be Wiccans — a coven of witches — and have been selling crystals, skulls, and scented candles they believe are imbued with special powers from their store for the past seven years. However, contrary to popular belief, these witches claim to conjure no dark forces.

A career and college counselor at North Catholic High School invited the women to speak about starting a small business in front of her marketing class of junior and senior students just before Christmas break. Everything was fine until they gave each student a crystal.

"That's where we kind of get off the rails," said Michelle Peduto, the secretary for Catholic schools.

"The students in the class felt that things were off and so they did go directly to the administrators."

During the break, the administration conducted an investigation, consulted with the diocese, and sent an apology email to the parents and guardians, advising them to return or dispose of the crystal and to recite the Saint Michael the Archangel prayer to cleanse their homes.

They had no place in a Catholic school or household, according to Michelle Peduto, the diocesan director of education.

"There was an understanding that the crystals had powers," Sheehan says, "and that is antithetical or against church teaching."

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