Sarah Huckabee Sanders becomes the 47th Governor of Arkansas: The first woman to occupy the position


Sarah Huckabee Sanders becomes the 47th Governor of Arkansas: The first woman to occupy the position

Today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was sworn in as the 47th Governor of Arkansas. She is the youngest governor and the first female to hold that position. Sara Huckabee was no stranger to the Arkansas governor’s mansion. She spent a decade of her childhood there, as the daughter of Governor Mike Huckabee, and she disclosed the Governor’s mansion was “ the home she’s lived in longer than any other” she disclosed in her book; Speaking for Myself.

A former Trump Administration press secretary, Sanders, worked as a White House press secretary for former President Donald Trump and on a number of political campaigns including her father, Mike Huckabee’s political campaigns. She said she "always thought" she would work "more behind the scenes" in politics. "And here I am, anything but after the last few years," Sanders said.

Trump encouraged Sanders to run for governor when she left the White House in 2019.

Trump congratulated Gov Sarah Huckabee, via his Truth Social platform “CONGRATULATIONS to Sarah Huckabee Sanders on being sworn in today as the first female Governor of the GREAT STATE of ARKANSAS. She is a fantastic person and will be a truly incredible Governor. In the Trump Administration, Sarah was highly skilled, and respected by all……Her mother Janet, and father, Governor Mike, are very proud parents, and they would like nothing more than to see her do even better than Mike—not easy! Bryan, Scarlett, William, and George will make the people of Arkansas very proud. Go to it, Sarah!”

Sarah said about Trump in her book, Speaking for Myself, “ there are no words to describe how much you changed my life. You took a chance on me, let me into your circle, trusted me, and empowered me to carry your message to the world. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity you gave me to serve the American people. I don’t are what the critics say - you will go down in history as a great president”.

Prior to her inauguration, she told Fox News, “It is a pretty humbling thing," "As far as we know, we’ll be the first-ever father-daughter pair anywhere in the country, and so, you know, that is a pretty historic and amazing thing."

“I am incredibly honored to be the 47th Governor, and the first woman governor, of the great state of Arkansas.
We will show the world that there is still a place in America where freedom reigns and liberty will never die, and that place is Arkansas. Now, let's get to work”

“Today’s the day. I am ready to be sworn in as the next Governor of Arkansas and get to work unleashing bold reforms that will empower every Arkansan” she wrote on Twitter”

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