Uncursed Trust and Safety: Scam Alert


Uncursed Trust and Safety: Scam Alert

We received a report of an in-app message received by users a scam alert requesting money from users. Please note that scammers increasingly use various platforms to target individuals and manipulate their emotions to extort funds.

We want to alert you that the user has been promptly disabled from the Uncursed community by our Trust and Safety Team for illegally requesting money from users.
Also, messages from this user have been labeled (SCAM-FRAUD-ALERT).

Uncursed is committed to the safety of our community and here are some important tips from our Trust and Safety Team:

1. Exercise caution when receiving unsolicited messages in-app to request money, claiming to be in distress or emergency. Anyone legally raising fundraising can use the SUPER-THANKS fundraising tool attached to every post to publicly share their fundraising goals on their media feed.

2. Don't share personal or financial information: Never share sensitive information such as bank account numbers, credit card details, or your Social Security number with anyone you've met online.

3. Report suspicious activity immediately to - send screenshots where applicable. If you encounter any suspicious messages or believe you have been targeted by a scammer, report the incident to the appropriate authorities or your local law enforcement agency. By reporting these incidents, you can help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.


Uncursed ensures security for shoppers and buyers through the Uncursed Wallet

Uncursed payment is processed through Uncursed Wallet 100%. With UWallet, your financial information is secure; Wallet top-ups are processed through third-party payment processor Stripe and are not shared with sellers or providers.

24/7 Monitoring
We monitor all transactions 247, 365 days.

Fraud prevention
If you see anything suspicious, contact us at, we can help protect any charges against your account.

Dispute resolution
If there’s a problem with a service or product, we'll put a hold on the funds till all issues are resolved.

Thank you for your attention and stay safe.
Visit the Trust and Safety page here:

Uncursed Trust and Safety
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