Half-Eaten Fish Harvest : Is there a spiritual significance to this?


Half-Eaten Fish Harvest : Is there a spiritual significance to this?

What's God saying to us about the half-eaten fishes? Fishermen are facing a major challenge, sharks are taking big bites from fish, and it's hurting their harvest.

Trevor Berwick, 33, a charter captain from Coventry, Connecticut, confirmed to Fox News Digital that sharks have been taking bites out of reeled fish – large and small.

Charter captain Trevor Berwick told Fox News Digital sharks have been taking bites out of striped bass during his fishing trips. He estimates the half-eaten bass in this photo could've been between 42 and 45 inches before it was bitten. (Trevor Berwick)

Brown sharks, sandbar sharks and tiger sharks are the usual culprits, according to Berwick, who works at Real Cast Charters, a sport fishing charter company in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Berwick said the sharks seem to be active in the southern parts of the Long Island Sound, and on occasion, great white sharks have been seen in the area, too.

In the 12 years he’s been charter fishing, Berwick says clients have been reeling in half-eaten fish in the last three or so years.

"We deal with them on a daily basis now. It's just kind of the way of the day," Berwick said. "[The sharks are] grabbing the back of fish, they’re chasing fish, they’re grabbing baits and it's just been getting kind of out of control."

Reeling in half-eaten fish has yielded mixed feelings from fishing charter clients, according to Berwick.

When clients get to see the sharks as they take bites, excitement is stirred from the close-up encounters, he explained.

But, at the same time, not being able to fulfill the dream of catching a fully intact once-in-a-lifetime "trophy" is disappointing to some, especially when the uneaten fish remains show signs of being a large, according to Berwick.

Berwick said he throws the fish heads back in the water to respect the state’s size limit, and usually nearby sharks will finish it off. Crabs and lobster could also benefit from the half-eaten fish, Berwick continued.

Even for smaller fish, it’s not immediately clear if a shark bite could contaminate the meat, he added.

"I don't know if it's a bait thing or if it's the temperature or whatever the case can be, but [the sharks have] just started to kind of move in from last year," said Berwick.

Source: Fox News

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