Luxury Hotel and Resort Chain Welcomes 13-Month-Old Kate and Family for Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando


Luxury Hotel and Resort Chain Welcomes 13-Month-Old Kate and Family for Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando

When Stefanie O’Brien playfully captioned a video of her nieces eagerly volunteering to visit Four Seasons Orlando, little did she expect the luxury hotel chain to actually take her up on the offer. The caption, "If the @Four Seasons Hotels is looking for a baby ambassador my niece got you " set the stage for a remarkable series of events. Four Seasons enthusiastically seized the promotional opportunity, engaged in detailed preparations for the family's stay, tailoring their experience down to the finest details, reflecting both a deep commitment to guest satisfaction and a savvy understanding of viral marketing dynamics.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Four Seasons hosted O’Brien, her nieces—13-month-old Kate, who became a TikTok sensation as the "Four Seasons baby," and 4-year-old Madelyn—their parents Bailey and Will Wise, along with O’Brien’s parents and siblings, at its Orlando location. The visit was a viral sensation, catapulted by the TikTok video Stefanie posted earlier in the month, which has since gathered over 62 million views and nearly 8 million likes.

When Stefanie O’Brien and the Four Seasons team planned to film a quick two-minute video of Kate, the 13-month-old "CEO of the Four Seasons Orlando," eating pasta, they didn't anticipate it turning into a longer shoot. The toddler was enjoying her meal so much that moving her prematurely led to the risk of a tantrum, so they decided to let her finish at her own pace, according to family member Wise. This moment is just one example of the organic and humorous content that helped the videos from their hotel stay attract an additional 43 million views and thousands of comments on TikTok. Many users affectionately called Kate the "CEO of the Four Seasons Orlando," with one humorously noting how kind it was of her to bring the family along.

The Four Seasons expressed their delight at this viral success in an email to Ad Age, noting a significant boost in engagement and growth on their social channels thanks to their "smallest fan." The company chose not to elaborate further on its partnership with Kate and her family.

Megan Page, the company’s senior director of global integrated PR and social communications, reflected on the experience in a LinkedIn post. "How do you make sure your brand values resonate while engaging with audiences in a meaningful, authentic, and rapid manner? It's a collaborative effort," she wrote. "It involves a group of talented individuals who bring their expertise and creativity, sacrificing personal time to create memorable moments like the gold truffle pasta experience with the O'Brien and Wise families."

Since its launch on May 16, the "Four Seasons baby" trend has nearly reached 330 million views across related hashtags such as #fourseasonsbaby and #fullyconsciousbaby, outpacing other viral trends like the "man in finance," which garnered around 50.4 million views. O'Brien's initial video alone rapidly accumulated over 28 million views in just 48 hours, demonstrating the immense reach and love for this unexpectedly viral moment.

During their stay, the family was treated to a lavish experience, including a presidential suite upgrade and personalized amenities like princess dresses for the girls and tailored shirts for their father, reflecting his newfound social media fame. The Four Seasons team even went so far as to provide Kate with a custom tuxedo and meals fit for a tiny mogul, including gold truffle pasta served on silver platters.

O’Brien’s recounting of the event highlighted the unpredictability of working with young children, noting that even the best-laid plans must bow to the whims of a toddler, especially one as spirited as Kate. Despite the challenges, the visit was a huge success

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