The #iAmGabriel Show An #UncursedOriginal show: Think Daily Interview with Ben Hilton


The #iAmGabriel Show An #UncursedOriginal show: Think Daily Interview with Ben Hilton

The good Lord has created your mind to reach unimaginable heights; this is possible through the renewal of your mind and breaking down the walls of religion. This is exactly why Faith, Tech, and Media Executive, Abigail Ebenezer-Gabriels, spoke with Benjamin Hilton, author of the book #ThinkDaily.

Ben holds a Judeo-Christian value, and through his research, he has analyzed life topics discussed by earlier researchers and found similarities across 4 main parallels, namely culture, psychology, philosophy, and religion. In other words; Ben hopes readers will no longer be restraint by thinking within one parallel, but across parallels regardless of background, ethnicity, faith to allow the free flow of creativity.

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